Why take years to construct a building, when it can be done in just a matter of months?

Since 2004, Urban Solution Buildings Corp’s purpose is to focus on modular and prefabricated construction technologies that enable its clients to build faster, stronger and smarter that using traditional “brick and mortar” techniques, all while saving costs.

Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USB’s mission has been the identification, evaluation, research and development of innovative building methods in order to adapt and apply the most appropriate new building technology solutions to specific urban projects, depending on each building’s location, usage and budget.

By prefabricating as much as possible in off-site manufacturing facilities, USB is able to provide its clients greater building efficiencies, reducing delays and waste that are all too common in the construction industry. 

USB’s solutions are not only quicker and more cost effective to erect, but they are also more energy efficient and more environmentally friendly.

New Urban Solutions to Old Challenges